Create BEP-20 token with SafeMoon Tokenomics 1

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the fastest-paced and low transactional cost Blockchain network attracting investors. You must first create a BEP-20 token in order to develop and launch your own BSC cryptocurrency token. These tokens can be used as a digital currency for a wide range of purposes from donations to financial services.

BEP-20 token specification
This specification is called a smart contract and is written in the language of Solidity programming. Let’s go over all the characteristics you need to indicate:

Simple Parameters
The BEP-20 standards require specifying all token identifiers, such as the name and symbol. The total supply and the smallest unit that can be transacted must also be specified (decimals). Finally, basic transaction functions such as transfer or checking a wallet’s balance must be implemented.

Trading Controls
Modern tokens use complex tokenomics  (short for Token Economics) to encourage users and achieve project goals. You can classify tokens as tokens for services, charities, payments, and security. A utility token must deduct a percentage fee from every transaction and send the funds to a fundraiser wallet to maximize the cause of crowdsourcing donations. Greater returns are desirable by payment token holders. To achieve this, deflationary payment tokens are being developed via the use of sophisticated trade mechanisms like buybacks and automated liquidity creation. All these trading controls need to be coded in the smart contract as well.

Administration functions
In order to manage the token, management functions have to be built. Some common examples are a function of changing transaction fees or excluding a bot wallet from yield income. These features are normally available only to the owner of the token. These management features are critical to configure and manage your token. Once the token has achieved broad acceptability, ownership may be renounced to reassure investors about the impossibility of privilege abuse.

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Smart Contract Code, which requires software coding expertise in the Solidity programming languages, is the most common method to create a BEP-20 token. All of the features we have discussed will have to be coded, including fundamental parameters, trade controls, and management functions. You also need to know how to use BSC for contract deployment. This may require substantial time, effort, and cost investment. Mudra Token Creator is the most advanced BEP-20 token generator to rapidly mint BEP20 token. No coding knowledge is required. The token generated contains advanced tokenomics and other high-quality features. All this is also very cost-effective.