Good Shepherd Entertainment and indie developer Shiny Shoe announced that they have a new strategic rogue-like with an interesting premise. Players take control of a monster horde riding on the last train out of Hell.

The story centers around one final Pyre from Hell being left after the forces of Heaven extinguished and exterminated all of Hell’s forces, save for one final flame, one last fire… the Monster Train.

Players will have to race along the frozen tracks of Hell’s wasteland as they fend off the Monster Train from heaven’s forces.

The announcement trailer for the game is convincing enough, from a story perspective.

I love the concept of this game, but I’m just not sold on the visuals. It looks too cartoony and mundane.

It also has this kind of mobile look to the design, which detracts from the really cool premise. Also, the female designs are a little passe, especially considering that they could have really gone all-in on some outrageous creations.

As for the gameplay itself, players are tasked with defending three vertical layers of the Monster Train from Heaven’s armies. The first two floors are where your units are stationed, and the third floor of the train is where the Pyre is located. You’ll have to strategically balance each of your units as they defend the train from an onslaught.

Like many other games in the sub-genre, the rogue-like offers deck-building as an option to upgrade your units and keep the fight up.

What’s also interesting is that Monster Train has a “Hell Rush” multiplayer mode for up to eight players, which is a time-based challenge mode.

Monster Train is still a ways off from release, and isn’t due to drop until the second quarter of 2020. You can follow the development or further updates by visiting the official Monster Train website.