Shy Snake has been working long, hard hours on their tactical espionage game, Spy DNA, where players put together a team of agents and attempt to complete covert missions using a variety of tactics, gadgets, and stealth mechanics to complete their mission. The game has several unique features that help mildly separate it from other games within the sub-genre, but the developers aren’t keen on just coasting by on mild separations. They want to leave a serious impact in the gaming community, and so that’s why they decided to overhaul the way mission scripting works.

They sent out a newsletter shortly after the December update to inform the community that feedback from the beta testers has indicated that they need to restructure the way missions are scripted in Spy DNA.

The newsletter doesn’t go into detail as to when you can expect the overhaul for the mission scripting, but we do learn that the most recent update set to release for the game will touch over nearly every aspect of gameplay and performance for Spy DNA, including optimizations for gameplay, runtime stability, and saves.

The core gameplay is a little bit like Jagged Alliance meets a tactical version of Alpha Protocol.

The small husband and wife team at Shy Snake have been working with sedulous intent on the title since debuting it on the crowdfunding scene years ago. Slowly but surely the concept that they pitched for the title is starting to take material shape in the form of each new beta release.

And speaking of betas… sign-ups for beta invitations have opened up over on the Spy DNA website.

If you were interested in giving the game a go you can do so by registering for an opportunity to check out the latest build ahead of the game’s official release.