RIVERS STATE Myths and Legends submission.


To explore, research and document mythical stories most of which are going extinct and legendary tales some that have been subsumed and influenced in alternate narratives within the 23 Local Government Areas and 26 ethnic nationalities in Rivers state. This project shall help in setting the records straight and reigniting and promoting our sense of cultural identity, especially amongst our growing population that is driven by pop culture as opposed to our unique cultural history.


RIVERS STATE Myths and Legends submission.

Beyond documentation for historic and reference purposes, this project shall equally be diversified toward the production of animations, short/feature films and or illustrations with terse paragraphs for comprehension and appreciation of younger readers.


The Rivers State Tourism Development Agency (RSTDA) is pleased to announce the upcoming open call for submission of the Myths and Legends of Rivers State.
This is open to academics, cultural historians/enthusiasts, curators, and members of the public. You are encouraged to author well-researched scripts based on mythical and legendary narratives of Rivers State and submit the same for selection and possible publication in literal and or audio/visual format.

Submitting your scripts to the Rivers State Tourism Development Agency (RSTDA) in response to this announcement makes you part of the value chain that this venture will elicit, going forward.

Do stay tuned as the online official announcement and portal for registration will be launched soon.

N/B: Terms and Conditions will apply.