To promote the cultural sites and heritage of Rivers State People to a global audience and promote Rivers State creative talents globally.


The 23 LGAs of Rivers State has their culture heritage, tradition, people and legacy infrastructure showcased on global platforms.

The value chain of photography is boosted in Rivers State and Photographers are empowered directly and indirectly.


This is an open call to all photographers, photography enthusiasts, Documentary Photographers and Photography Content Creators across Rivers State to submit 5 iconic photographs, depicting Rivers State, the Local Government or community as a tourist attraction, historical sites, showing the culture/tradition, sites, people and modern and historical iconic infrastructure.

As a sequel to this open call, there will be training sessions by reputable Camera brands for all photographers that intend to participate in this exercise.

The online registration and submission portal will be opening up soon and announced on all RSTDA’s social media platforms.

N/B: Terms and will apply